1931 - Broadway (Hwy 111)
1931 - Broadway (Hwy 111)

Looking east along Broadway (now Hwy 111) | Cobb's Grocery & the Post Office are on the left. (Click on any of these images in this header to see the whole photo and scroll through them.)

1946 - Broadway (Hwy 111)
1946 - Broadway (Hwy 111)

Looking east along Broadway (now Hwy 111) from Glenn Ave | The street is beginning to fill in.




1951 - Broadway (Hwy 111)
1951 - Broadway (Hwy 111)

Looking east along Broadway (now Hwy 111) from 2nd St. | By 1951, cafes and diners, motels and cottages to-let, a drugstore and various businesses have been added in the 20 years since 1931. The highway is now four lanes, better paved and has curbs, sidewalks and some landscaping

2020 - Hwy 111
2020 - Hwy 111

Looking east along Hwy 111 in 2020.




Then & Now 

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DeLux Trailer Park - 1939

First trailer park in Cathedral City.  Palm-frond roofs provided shade from the hot, desert sun.

        NOW     >

Cathedral City

Community Amphitheater


A new amphitheater is currently under construction behind the City Hall Plaza, at the corner of Cathedral Canyon and Ave. Lalo Guerrero.


Real Estate Office - 1920s

George Allen Real Estate - first Real Estate office in town.  Corner of Broadway (Hwy 111) and Cathedral Canyon Dr.


Totem Pole Cafe - 1940s

Rebuilt as a cafe and local meeting place, it was the first diner in town.  The owners Mr. & Mrs. E.J, Wheeler are pictured in the  early 1940s.


Taco Bell - 2020

Now, a Taco Bell sits on this corner.

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Sun Haven Court

Broadway (Hwy 111)

& Date Palm Dr.


Sun Haven Court, owned by Mr. & Mrs. Paul Clark, was at the corner of Broadway/Hwy 111 (2-lane road) & Date Palm.  The Clarks founded the Cathedral Citizen, our first newspaper, in 1951.

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Agua Caliente Casino

Coming Soon!

Hwy 111 & Date Palm


Today, this intersection is a large and busy one.  The new casino is being built where Sun Haven Court once stood.  Quite a difference,

Photography of current-day Cathedral City

 by Beverly Beirne